Primal Strength Team


HEAD STRENGTH COACH & PERSONAL TRAINER Ian is a former professional rugby player with over 15 years of extensive experience on both sides of the training dynamic. A Sports Science graduate from Napier University in Edinburgh who takes an active interest in...

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FOUNDER PARTNER & RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT Adam founded Primal in 2008 and held positions as a PE teacher at HKIS while completing his MSc in Exercise Science. He has also acted as a consultant for the HKRFU. Adam now trains athletes in New Zealand having also...

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SENIOR STRENGTH COACH & PERSONAL TRAINER Nik holds a Sports and Exercise Science major from Massey University, New Zealand and recently completed the Poliquin International Certification Program in Hong Kong.  Nik specialises in exercise prescription and is a keen...

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Qualifications and Seminars Attended by our staff at Primal Strength :- (PICP) Poliquin International Certification Programme Level 1 & 2 State Coach, Poliquin Biosignature Modulation Level 1, Charles Poliquin Bioprint Level 1, Canadian Centre Strength & Conditioning (CCSC) Training the Young Adolescent, Strength Academy, Irish Strength Institute (ISI) Functional Medicine Practitioner, Stuart McGill Building a Strong Back, Dimitry Klokov Olympic Lifting Seminar, Mike Stone Olympic Lifting Weight Seminar.

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